Lade Veranstaltungen

III | Different Trains

26. April 2018 | 19:30 - 21:00



Mica LEVI, Signal Before War – solo violin

Jonny GREENWOOD, Prospector’s Quartet (from There Will Be Blood) – string quartet

CHAINES, I Found This – solo cello and electronics

Edmund FINNIS, Colour Field Painting – sound projection

Steve REICH, Different Trains – string quartet and tape




London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) – String Quartet

Galya Bisengalieva, Violine
Rakhi Singh, Violine
Robert Ames, Viola
Oliver Coates, Violoncello

Video Different Trains directed and edited by Beatriz Caravaggio
Produced by Fundación BBVA and ArsVideo Producciones


Steve Reich´s zeitlose, immer wieder aktuelle Komposition „Different Trains“ hat Beatriz Caravaggio in besondere bewegte Bilder (Video Art Work) eingebettet. Phantasievoll, berührend, mit starken Bildwirkungen.
Der Komponist über sein Werk: “The piece thus presents both a documentary and a musical reality and begins a new musical direction. It is a direction that I expect will lead to a new kind of documentary music video theatre in the not too distant future.”Über die Arbeit von Beatriz Caravaggio sagt Steve Reich 2017:“Since we live in a time when many people want a visual accompaniment for music – even at concerts – several people have created videos to accompany my piece Different Trains. To be honest, most of them I haven’t even seen, and those I have are generally just a distraction from listening to the music. The one exception is the brilliant multi-channel video by Beatriz Caravaggio which really works as something to watch on its own and as a way to intensify listening to Different Trains. She has taken documentary footage and through multi-channel placement and fine editing, made a thoughtful and moving piece. Bravo, Beatriz!”

Beatriz Caravaggio
Beatriz Caravaggio


26. April 2018
19:30 - 21:00




Anton-Neumayr-Platz 2
Salzburg, 5020 Österreich
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